Boston Brass School Residency Program

Boston Brass School Residency Program

The Boston Brass travels the world spreading their contagious enthusiasm for music education and performance. These Educational Ambassadors inspire players and educators alike through clinics, performances and instructional resources to help maintain and sustain strong music programs. Here is how the day goes.

1) Boston Brass Clinic and Masterclass: Performance Practices and Techniques Topics will include “Communication: How to Communicate, Share and Solve Problems with Each Other”, “Independence and Confidence”, “Coaching Yourself”, and “A New Approach to Practicing”. The Boston Brass will also coach a small ensemble of your choosing.

2) Student rehearsal: Directed and coached by the Boston Brass, you may choose from among several pieces – one of which will be the perfect fit for your band. The rehearsal is preparation for the evening concert where students perform with the Boston Brass. The student band is also encouraged to perform a piece on their own.

3) Evening public concert: A full Boston Brass show – from exciting classical arrangements to burning jazz standards, Boston Brass treats the audience to a unique musical experience that will captivate people of all ages.

4) After the concert: Boston Brass members will remain in the hall to greet students and their families, have pictures taken, and sign autographs.

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