Music Training App Recommendations

Music Training App Recommendations

Practicing In The Age of Technology

Being a musician in the information age presents us with many opportunities not afforded to younger generations. We can look up, order, and download sheet music in minutes, we can listen to every kind of music through streaming services, and thanks to smart devices we can download apps to help in our musical practice and training.

The Boston Brass regularly use several music apps in our daily rehearsal and so we decided to share them with you, and why we use them. The apps listed below help train our ear, time, intonation, style, and general musicianship.

App Recommendations

  • music-apps-boston-brassTempo ($2.99) – Every musician needs a metronome app and Tempo is what we use daily. This app is simple, user friendly, allows for sub division, set-lists programming, and very is reliable.
  • Time Guru ($1.99) – Time Guru creates gaps in the beat to help train your inner pulse. For example, if you have the metronome set to 4/4 time the metronome will randomly mute one of the beats every measure. You can choose how frequently beats are muted(in percentage), and you can also set the app to mute more beats over time. This app is excellent for improving your time, inner pulse, and promotes having a constant groove.
  • Drum School ($5.99) – This app is designed to teach percussion fundamentals and drumset skills, but it’s also perfect for training musicianship and learning to keep a constant groove. You can choose from dozens of drumming styles to play along with including, salsa, hip-hop, world music, and more.
  • Tonal Energy ($3.99) – Everyone needs a tuner and this one our favorite. This app allows you to visualize where you fall on the on the intonation spectrum, it can transpose to different keys (perfect when working with transposing instruments and beginners, and you can choose different instruments to play drones in all registers. It also has a built in metronome.
  • Better Ears ($9.99) – Better Ears is a an ear-training app the helps improve recognitions of intervals, scales, pitches, tempos, chords, chord progressions, single notes, scale music reading, chord music reading. This app is great for the time you can’t practice but still want to train, we use it while traveling all the time.
  • Decibel Meter Pro ($0.99) – Decibel Meter Pro is an app that helps track your sound output.


These are the apps we use and recommend, and if you’re on a budget there many free apps that do the same things, though usually offer less features. There was a time when practicing meant lugging a bunch of equipment to and from the practice room, now you can do it all from your pocket! Happy practicing!

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